Friday, July 11, 2014

Diary of an 8 Year Old | February 20, 1998

Dear Diary,

Michael has to sit beside Kathleen.

She hates it when he is drawing or somiting because he always has to talk.

Now it’s recess and Jessica and I are watching Boys and playing tag.

Got to go, Jess is chasing me!


O.K. I’m back.

I’m it now.

It seems that this is the season for girls to like boys and boys to like girls. It seems that shane is in love with Me and Jessica. Michael is like I mean tottally in love with Dana. Victoria is kissing almost every boy.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dear Diary | The Prologue

Earlier this week, I found my diary from 1998. There isn't much to it - in terms of content and the length itself - but I thought that it was worth recording forever on the Internet.

Ever wondered what's going on in the brain of an 8 year old girl? Now you can know.

Unlock the book.

Now, if you have the wits enough to unlock this blue book, laden with a photo of a puppy and a kitten sharing a snuggle time, you'll find the cover page complete with friends' phone numbers and practice signatures, "Samantha Bateman" in cursive. That's my maiden name, of course.

I also wrote the letter "a" a lot - the kind of "a" with the hook at the top like you see here, versus your typical small caps "a", the kind that's an "o" with a stick on it. O with sticks on them were so passé.

Now we begin:

Tiff. B, Jess. L, and Sam. B can only look at this book.
Whoever Reads This Book Will Get Hit In The Eye!
I'll make sure.
Spice Girls
Samantha Bateman
Fri. Feb. 20, 1998
Jessica Lamping

What a compelling prologue. 
Tune in for more.
(PS, I didn't have a friend named Amber, I have no clue who that is referring to.)