Monday, November 24, 2014

Hoy Es Domingo: Week 3

Week 3, brotha.

And we've figured out why we're here. At least a little.

Here goes...

Primarily, our goal is to educate ourselves by spending time with people who have gone before us in ministry, making mistakes and finding successes. Our goal is not to carve our own way, but to learn how to operate, how to live, how to cope in hard times and how to celebrate successes, how to be missional in community, and how to be effective cross-culturally and - most importantly - back home.

Secondarily, our goal is to learn about how to develop short-term missions that are effective and benefit long-term missions that already exist.

When we embraced the fact that we are here to learn, it was as though we needed to start taking notes almost immediately. And we have. But I won't share them here until this particular season is over.

In terms of settling in, we feel at home now. Our home is home. We've put stuff on the walls (don't worry Steph, we used paint-safe tape!) and embraced the fact that we are Canadians living in Nicaragua (we don't need to magically transform into Nicaraguans), and that's been good.

We've also been finding some really awesome people that are doing really awesome things.

On a bugs-are-gross note, there were about ten thousand bees swarming around our "lavadora" this morning (wash station?) - we hired a guy to cut our grass, and I think he was going the extra mile by putting a garbage bag open in the big blue bin that we put sealed garbage bags into. But then a hive started in there... and then multiplied. It looked like a scene out of Winnie the Pooh. John threw a big tree stump at the garbage bin, which made them swarm into the air. They have since settled on the tin roof of the lavadora - check it out. I have no idea how we're going to deal with this... it makes scorpions seem a little less bad. (Also, there was a scorpion in the bathtub earlier this week, and John murdered it with a screwdriver. It was... it was a thing that happened.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The ground is lava!

The entire valley is overgrown, hardened lava.. so cool!
Masaya Volcano
John crossing the street to get the shots.
He brought me back a chunk of hardened lava, which is awesome considering my love language is gifts.
Also, apparently it's cancer-preventing.